Inside Athena: Abbott Terrace Nurse Celebrates 30 Years at Waterbury Center

Inside Athena: Abbott Terrace Nurse Celebrates 30 Years at Waterbury Center

WATERBURY, C.T. — Erin Larose joined Abbott Terrace Health Center in Waterbury 30 years ago. Right out of high school, she joined as a C.N.A. where she stayed for seven years before pursuing further nursing.

She was eventually promoted to Infection Control Nurse, tasked with tracking vaccinations, infections, and any potential outbreak.

“I enjoy being throughout the whole building and seeing all the residents and seeing all the staff,” she said.

Abbott Terrace Director of Nursing Ora, Erin Larose, Assistant Administrator Danita Rayford, and Administrator Don Morris.

On October 18th, she was celebrated with flowers and a letter from Athena President and C.E.O., Larry Santilli, congratulating her on three decades of service to her residents. Larose said “comfort” and “familiarity” are the biggest reasons she’s stayed for so long.

Throughout the years, she has been able to build relationships with residents, which she has loved to develop.

When asked how it feels to play an important role in the safety and well-being of residents, Larose said it’s “great being a part of that process.”

“Especially with COVID and trying to get them vaccinated and being part of that history,” she explained.

“Because of her talent on the floor giving care, she was tapped by the [Director of Nursing] to lead the infection control department in which she performs brilliantly. When Erin took over infection control, with over 48 COVID-19 patients in the home and, within weeks, we were COVID-free. There is a lot to say about Erin Larose, but one word to sum it up would be AWESOME,” Administrator Don Morris said.

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October 26, 2023 A Healthier Approach To Caring, Inside Athena
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